A truly unique approach to dog training

Over 15 years in the making and approved by over 5000 dogs

Our training is for all breeds and all types of behaviour. We'll help you train your dog responsibly, for the dream pet dog. Our system doesn't pander to breeds or breed traits: we won't train your Border Collie to herd livestock, your German Shepherd to become an aggressive guard dog or your Spaniel to search for contraband - you will simply have a well-trained, calm, controlled pet dog who's a model member of your family.

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All of our packages feature everything you need to train your dog to the same level. Select a package to suit your budget and level of support.

You won't find our training anywhere else...

46% of our customers have attempted to train their dog with another trainer, without success. They often tell us they have tried “everything” to fix the problems they are facing - from treat training to unnecessary medication, all the way to cruel and harsh methods. Our training doesn't rely on the use of any of these methods. We've helped every kind of breed with all sorts of behavioural problems to live calmer, controlled, happy lives. Our system is entirely original and represents over 25 years of dog training expertise.

  • Over 5000 Dogs Trained

  • Life-changing Results

  • Online Assessment of Current Behaviours

  • Trainer Support Options

  • Supporting eBooks included in Silver & Gold

Every dog deserves the opportunity to be trained properly

  • Stress Free

    We welcome dogs into our lives to bring happiness and meaning. A well trained dog means you don't have to meticulously plan your life around avoiding stressful encounters.

  • Unbreakable Bond

    Our training system teaches great communication between you and your dog, which ultimately leads to an incredible bond and a solid relationship.

  • Happy Owner, Happy Dog

    With over 25 years of experience and thousands of dogs successfully trained, we can empower you and your dog share the happy life you always dreamed of.

Don't just take our word for it...

“Ralph has never been better. In the 7 years I've had him he's always been a gorgeous, loving dog, but he lets himself down when reacting to other dogs or bicycles whizzing by. The online training was so easy to follow and I could see a difference in Ralph within a very short space of time.”

Mim & Ralph

“Can't thank The Dog Training Company enough for their help with our cocker spaniel border collie cross. We were stuck and struggling to walk him let alone train him. The online training showed us what we needed to do and how to do it. We started to see our dog turn into the wonderful well behaved dog that we could enjoy at home and at the park we can't thank them enough for their help and advice.”

Aiden Hodge

“Enzo and I will be forever grateful to The Dog Training Company, your team has definitely changed our lives for the better. They have given me the confidence to take what I have learnt in the training centre out into our everyday lives. I honestly cannot stop recommending them to anyone and everyone that needs help with their pooches. ”

Jo & Enzo

“Our dog is affectionate and a great companion but she's also incredibly stubborn and a lot of hard work. She was nipping/mouthing my ankles and backs of my legs several times a day, every day as well as pulling on the lead and being very dominant. After completing the gold training package we feel so much more capable and able to manage whatever she throws our way.”

Matthew Kenny

“I don’t know how I would have coped without The Dog Training Company. As a first time dog owner, I desperately needed help. After following the online training course, my puppy was house trained, socialised with other dogs and his behaviour transformed! It has been brilliant and I have become much more confident in controlling my lovely dog both on and off the lead.”

Sue & Bodie

“He's like a new dog! With the right support, introduction of techniques and dedication to the training program we have got out exactly what we wanted from this experience. The trainers were always only an email away if we had any questions or queries too - which was great and shows that they go the extra mile when it comes to customer service!”

Ellie Mae

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